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Maik ai Tea with a Gaiwan

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Fè ton thé

The Gaiwan is a simple saucer, bowl and lid made with white porcelain. It is used for inhaling aromas. The tea leaves can be infused in small amount of water in order to concentrate the flavors. The more leaves you use, the less time the infusion will take.

Great for white or green teas as well as Oolong (Wulong) and Pu-erh.

Cup size: 180 ml

How to use the bowl:

Heat the Gaiwan by pouring hot water over it. It prepares it for infusion and symbolically it is part of the purification of the Gaiwan (but not necessary to do). Place your tea leaves and add hot water.

Chinese metaphor:
The lid represents the heaven, the tray is the earth, the bowl represents the person. So, it is the combination of human, heaven and earth with good moral! In a meditative state, it is the way to forget external noise. It is the way of the tea!