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14 day AM/PM Express program - Luvmatrix

14 day AM/PM Express program

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Maik ai Tea Detox, all natural and organic. Take your morning blend and evening blend for full result.

AM Ingredients for the morning cup of tea blend :
Organic Nilgiri green, organic Burdock root, organic Yellow Dock root, organic Red Clover, organic Dandelion Leaf, organic Schisandra Berries, organic Lemongrass, Natural Essences
A deliciously stimulating and uplifting loose leaf (more potent versus tea bags) blend of green tea and nourishing herbs which help to get you energized in the morning, ready to start the day fresh. This blend contains antioxidants as well as added cleansing booster to leave you feeling clean, hydrated and refreshed.

PM Ingredients for the evening cup of tea blend
Organic Senna leaf, organic Valerian root, organic Lavender, organic Lemon Balm, organic Passionflower

A therapeutic blend of herbs that will leave you mesmerized, feeling amazing and will help you catch up on sleep!

You will receive: 50g. of morning blend, 56g. of evening blend, a guide, instruction and a chart to document your journey and results. 
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