Weekly basket 19 weeks - Awesome Blossom Orchard

Weekly basket 19 weeks

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VIP Package

Orders are taken now until June 1st

Receive your weekly basket for 19 weeks from June 10 to October 14

Each baskets will have between 10 to 12 items. Depending on when we cultivate, you will receive a surprised item for free (veggy, herb or flowers).

Each basket cost 28$ x 19 weeks = a total of 532$. After April 30th each basket is 608$

We are a small organic producer with a mission to produce the best fruits and vegetables you can find locally. We provide produce as they come available. Our VIP customers will always be served first and as a priority. It is our intention to never run out of a product if you purchase the VIP package.

We deliver baskets to your home every week. We recommend that you pick a time when you are home so the produce don't stay outside too long.

Quantities are limited, so hurry before we are sold out!