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5 steps to creating great marketing content and get reached

5 steps to creating great marketing content and get reached

Envision your marketing content as a big puzzle that you put together to eventually break it down into dozens of pieces back to its original state (separated pieces). Pick a subject matter that inspires you and turn it into a story amazing enough to inspire others. Plan your execution: Write the script, collect photos and then create your fabulous story. Once you've edited your script, and you’ve got a complete puzzle (story) break it down for different social media platform. Choose how your going to break down your story so that with one piece of content you can reach out to many different social media platform. Here is my personal, “how”:


  1. BIG picture blog- Create a big picture blog. Write the script as complete as possible. Gather your photos and build your masterpiece. Once your comfortable with it, post it on your website as well as any other blogs you have out there. 
  1. Break it down- Break the blog into several pieces, using each piece for posting and publicity everywhere on social media. Now, your original blog, which, you broke down into several pieces, has created enough content for an entire week.
  1. From your original masterpiece, create a video which you will break down into 4 pieces for YouTube, your website, Facebook and Instagram. Basically, start with a long version format and once comfortable with it, break it down into shorter versions for Facebook and Instagram (1 minute video).
  1. Inspire to empower!3 things to keep in mind to write original and interesting content: Relate, educate and interact- Use a subject that your readers will relate to. Something you are passionate about and something that is current, yet generic enough that it won't be considered old news a few days later. So, when the reader finds your post a few days from now, it will still be interesting and relevant. Educate, your readers. Do your research and educate to impress. Create a text and add photos that will make it easy for your reader to ask questions and place comments to create interaction of your platform.
  1. Execute-Write a quick overview of your plan in your planner to keep up with how every piece will be publicly displayed. Have fun with it. There are no rules so you can adjust the text to the mood of the day. Remember- Inspire to empower!

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