What is Bhakti?

Devote your heart, generate bhakti, and receive universal grace.

Bhakti is the purest goodness within, expanding like positive energy through your aura.

By living a life of love and service, you not only envelop yourself in this positivity but also share it with the world. As bhakti rises from within, connecting with shakti, the universal force, you embody the best qualities for positive growth. Let your heart guide your actions, creating more bhakti, and inviting the shower of shakti, or Universal Grace.


Soaps, essential oils, incense

Discover a curated collection devoted to nurturing bhakti. BhaktiEssence, a blend of unique qualities and scent infused into soaps, essential oils, and incense. Let your heart guide you, nurture bhakti,
and welcome profound serenity, as this positive energy grows within, uplifting
both yourself and the world around you.

At the Orchard’s Soapery, we're on a mission for clean and inspired living. Our all-natural, eco-friendly products empower you to make conscious choices. From hands to dishes, face to body, we embrace
nature's beauty, leaving no harm behind. With natural scents and
sustainability, we inspire a community that preserves the planet for generations

Collection: BhaktiEssence

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