8 ways to feel beautiful, always

8 ways to feel beautiful, always

Find something you love about yourselfand write it everywhere around you. Write it on your mirror, on your fridge, on your phone, etc. Write it everywhere to give your self a reminder.
Remind yourself that no one can bring you down. Write a mantra that you can repeat everyday, multiple times a day to remind you how powerful you are. No one can bring you down, not your boss, not your children, not your spouse – no one will bring you down. If someone does, you have the power to stop it. When you can’t stop it due to circumstances beyond your control, walk away and move on to something else. Here is an example of a mantra:I am what I am, and that is that I am beautiful, giving, smart, full of sunshine and energetic.  





 Be grateful for what you have and what you have is enough. Not that, you have to stop wanting more, there is nothing wrong for wanting more, just make sure you don’t stop living while your trying to get more.

    Exercise;body movement, stretching, breathing technique such as the breath of fire are all very important to bring contentmentto your life.
      Meditate;Every time I stop for a while and when I start again I feel like I have returned home in my happy place. Once you get use to a meditation ritual, you will love the routine.
        Be colourful,meaning, project positivity and remove all negativity from your surroundings. 
          Fill your body with energy food,not crap. What you eat reflects what you project.
            Take a hot bathas often as you can. It helps you hormones, glands and your wellbeing.
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